What does the $500 discount on the X-T2 body mean?

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Matt Fulghum
Matt Fulghum Contributing Member • Posts: 859
as a relatively new user myself

with only one current generation body, the X-T20, which I dearly love, I too have been tempted by the X-T2 and this extreme discount.  So far, I've talked myself out of it for two reasons.

1.  you don't know what the X-T3 is going to bring to the table.  Wait and see, it can't be far away if they're already trying to clear the channel of this body.

2.  KEH is close enough that standard shipping will have me an EX+ graded X-T2 body here tomorrow without paying extra if I decide the X-T3 isn't for me after all (unlikely, if half the [reputable] rumors are true)

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