Making a Fuji Jump, What Should I Know?

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Re: Making a Fuji Jump, What Should I Know?

muptup wrote:

Hi all,

When using the D60 I usually take a 35mm prime and 55-200 zoom. My standard photo subjects are travel, friends and family and the 35 does 95% of my shots, lowlight pubs or small gigs, street photography, limited landscape.

I used the Nikon 35/f1.8G a lot on my D5500, too. Now I found myself loving the 18-55/f2.8-4.0 on my X-T20, as sharp as the Nikon prime, wide-enough aperture for low light, and matches the X-T20' size, too.

I use the Nikon ViewNX software for RAW development and then DigiKam for photo-management.

DigiKam? then you'll find yourself at home with darktable in no time, and it's way better. Both are free/open-source, so it might come down to personal preferences.

The features I hope to find in Fuji vs my current DSLR are:

* Much improved iso performance

Yes, the X-T20 has better performance, especially at ISO6400, comparing to my D5500. Chroma noise is much better controlled and pleasant/natural to look at.

* A lighter weight package

don't expect much. The X-T20 is not much lighter or smaller than the D5500 (due to the build quality), and the D5500 is still among the most ergonomic. However, I love shooting with the X-T20, no problem at all.

* Less RAW reliance, I can review photos as I go on my phone

just shoot RAW+JPG. I usually keep my D5500 on -2/3EV to not clip highlights, the Fuji is safer/smarter in term of AE.

While the Fuji SOOC JPGs are somewhat better than Nikon, I'd suggest that you still learn to process RAW to make the most out of the camera sensor. darktable doesn't treat RAW and JPG differently, it's the same workflow, just a lot more room to play with when using a RAW.

* Equivalent picture quality

definitely better than the outdated D60

* Equivalent control and usability

will take some learning

Are any of my assumptions wrong? What are the roadbumps and quirks that other that have made the jump found?

Unlike Canon, at least the Fuji's zoom rotation is same direction as Nikon

Batteries: because of the EVF, battery life will be shorter. I set mine to go to sleep automatically after 30 seconds. I also have a pair of cheap Wasabi Power batteries and USB charger, no worries about running out of juice.

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