Maximum achievable "zoom" with m4/3--within reasonable price.

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Re: Maximum achievable "zoom" with m4/3--within reasonable price.

rashid7 wrote:

Hey BoR, i own the Sony Cyber-Shot HX90V, which is a quality 30x pocketable zoom (w/ evf) and i have to call "BS" on this genre of tiny sensor super zoom. Like hi MP count... it is sooooo wasted on a tiny sensor! Stick to (at least) 1"... like the RX10iii. The usefulness of more range is GREATLY exaggerated, even on a larger sensor! On the smallest sensors it is ridiculous. = just a marketing #

I have been quite surprised at what my 18 mpix 30x pocketable (240 g including batteries) Panasonic TZ60 (2014 vintage) sometimes delivers. I don't use it all that often, and even less often at its longest zoom of 720mm equivalent, but here are a few where I did (apart from the fourth, which was only 684mm equivalent). Note of course as mentioned in another post that when photographing something distant atmospheric distortion may be the biggest factor in (lack of) image quality, which could be relevant for the first five of these.

Of course the TZ60 is four generations old. The newest TZ is the TZ90 with the same focal length range, 24-720 mm equivalent.

No good for pixel peeping with such a tiny sensor of course, but I keep the TZ60 in the car and I'm happy to have images like the ones below when I run across something when I'm not out "doing photography" with one of my other cameras. These were all hand-held and I see that two used 1/125 sec and one used 1/80 sec.

Opinions differ about this, but I think it helps (me at least) to shoot raw and post process quite carefully with small sensor cameras.

The next one was accidentally shot as JPEG.

And no... u r limited to 800mm EFL. 600 in a compact/affordable version

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