Images from my recently acquired GR2

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Re: Images from my recently acquired GR2

Wow, i rarely had to read such an interresting way to grasp the photographic medium on any forum of this website. I might feel this way because it was so well written and also mainly because i kinda share some of your struggle, questions and drive.

I couldn't be much help howewer, as i didn't articulate a full project yet. I do have obsessions though, not yet totaly concious but reviewing all of my pictures there is clearly trends and proto series. After many years i'm still shooting primely with my "sensibility" without much puting my brain in it or just for aesthetic purposes and technique learning, but wanting more lately and trying to find a way to add some meaning. Sadly, i did not found something impelling enough to start a serie yet

Anyhow thank you for the freshness of your contribution and, i hope that you will have a pleasant journey with your GR which is truly, of all the camera i had the chance to use so far, my favorite.

nice pics btw

sorry for my english, i'm none native and still learning.

Ps : here is my dedicated album on flickr

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