Camera induced flare oddity.

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Camera induced flare oddity.

Posted this over at Dyxum a few days ago but might aswell post it here to see if I get any other thoughts.

Few months back after a sunrise session with the wife I noticed an odd flare in some of her shots that I couldn't quite explain.

EXIF has unfortunately been stripped but it was shot using an A37 and 18-55 kit lens at f/7.1, ISO100.

Put a question up about it over at Dyxum and general thought was a sun pillar. Not 100% convinced but put it out of my mind until last week when it again appeared, many times worse.

Few days down the coast had be one afternoon drag her A37 out with the 55-200 kit lens trying for a local lighthouse, knew I was too late and conditions were crap but took the shot anyways.

And there's that flare again, with a different lens

Mulling things over in my head over dinner I elected to head out again for some more testing, this time bringing along my A77 for a straight comparison.

My A77 with the 55-200 lens

A37 with the same lens

A37 flipped 90 degrees

Bit of background, very lightly used A37 with just over 5000 shots on the shutter and likely less than 30 lens changes over it's life. SLT mirror and sensor is to my eye clean and without damage. The lens has no filter attached but as the same effect happens on the A37 using multiple lenses and not on my A77 with the same lenses it can't really be lens based.
Note how the flare moves across the frame, in the sunrise it's on the right of frame, my original lighthouse shot has it on the left and the testing shots it's dead center.

Been meaning to do some tests with the SLT mirror removed to see if it's still there but haven't had a chance as yet.

Anyone have any thoughts on what could be causing this? Shots without a strong light source are fine.

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