Expose to the right - with an E-M1 (mk1) & £92m of F35A at RIAT

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Re: Expose to the right - with an E-M1 (mk1) & £92m of F35A at RIAT

Baenwort wrote:

So what exactly did you do?

Just pulling exposure back doesn't seem to be enough...

P.S. they did turn out nice. i expecially liked the one where you could see the distortions from the exhaust. Not many people show that off and it stood out more than the others to me.

Good question!  I worked from the histogram at first, then fine-tuned from the screen image.  I started with exposure.  The initial histogram, for all shots, showed no clipping, but all tones compressed into a bar at the right.  Moving that 1-2 stops left (sometimes more) and then pouring dehaze in (typically 60-80) showed me the photos worth working on more.

Next steps would be to turn highlights down and brighten shadows (the aircraft lost in the haze was actually in bright sunshine).  That flattened the image further, so then I would turn up the clarity.

Looking at the histogram, if there was space to the right, I'd turn up the 'Whites', which normally brought contrast, without blocking shadows.  If there was space to the left, I'd edge the tip of the histogram to touch the last 1/4 line by turning up the 'Black'.

For a few I'd tweak the 'Contrast' slider, but normally I'd not need that.

I'd finish with the 'vibrance' and 'saturation' sliders, adjusting both up or down, referring here only to the screen image and my own taste.  Sometimes I'll end up with both in opposite directions.

My processing workflow normally ends by darkening the corners with the 'post crop vignette' slider.  I didn't for these.  The initial histogram was already so compressed that opening it up had multiplied the (normally undetectable) natural vignette of the 100-300mm lens.  I could perhaps apply a negative vignette to counter that in some cases, but I've just skipped over the shots where that might be useful.

All in LR CC Classic.  None cropped (I've stretched the data so much that I worry what it might look like if cropped closer, and I'm happy with the composition in any event).

Thanks for your PS.  Yes, I was delighted to see that effect in the image, and wondered if anyone else might spot it.  The F35 engine is one you can feel through your feet during its take off roll.

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