Maximum achievable "zoom" with m4/3--within reasonable price.

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Re: Crop your way to zoominess.

Guy Parsons wrote:

Bag of Rocks wrote:

Guy Parsons wrote:

Bag of Rocks wrote:

Hey y'all,

The massive P1000 3000mm eq. FOV has piqued my interest. Now, as a full-frame user, I know 3000mm on FF is a pipe dream.

But what about on m4/3, famed for its smaller kit?

Ok, forget 3000mm, have any of you got to 1000mm FOV? If so, how'd you do it?

Easy, I have got up to 300mm in M4/3, so that's 600mm equivalent field of view. To get more then crop the image to what you want.

If for postcard print can go quite a way maybe to 1800mm or 2000mm equivalent with care. If sitting back watching a TV slide show can probably crop it even further, maybe as far as 3000mm equivalent if the image is shake and shock free and focused properly.

Regards...... Guy

Interesting strategy to crop.

That works fine, depending on the way it will be displayed. If pixel peeping then all hope is lost.

Out of curiosity, what's the longest m4/3 zoom?

100-400mm for 200-800mm equivalent.

I'm seeing Nikon and Sony making a push for these super-light supertele primes (nikon with its PF 500 f/5.6 and Sony with the lightest 400 2/.8 at 6 lb or so), so I'm wondering if Oly or Panny are doing something similar.

Anything is possible, plenty of adapters available for various lens types to be used.

The question is, why the need for super tele?

To make the faraway things that look small bigger.

Regards...... Guy

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