Sigma Prime Lens Vs. Fujinon

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Re: Sigma Prime Lens Vs. Fujinon

JayPhizzt wrote:

lijingwgp wrote:

I am just curious, now that Sigma releases new ART prime lens to Sony E-mount. Just how good are those ART lens, better than Fuji's? Thank you.

Well, they're not really new, they're just new for Sony But Sigma's art lenses are generally very good. However many of Fuji's lenses are just as good and some I would say are even better. If we're just talking image quality that is.

Fuji's lenses are also superior in other ways, like the fact that they're made of metal(

Sigma's art lenses are mostly made of plastic),

Since when??? Sigma Art lenses are tanks made of mostly metal.

they're generally lighter and several of them have OIS and weather sealing(two things few Sigma art lenses have, if any).

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