Need advice on making the switch to Micro 4/3

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Need advice on making the switch to Micro 4/3


A bit about me, I am long time shooter and have done quite a bit of shooting in my day (including early micro 4/3). Between kids, work and other personal issues, I am less inclined to shoot with my current full frame set-up (Nikon D750, with the following 2.8 lenses - 17-35, 24-70, 70-200). I am also at the point where I am no longer getting or seeking out paid photgraphy work. At the end of the day, a hobby I have loved has just vbecome ery cumbersome and find myself more the photographer than a participant when I bring the camera to family events and outings. I want to change that and be more in the moment if that makes sense.

I’ve always liked the micro 4/3 format because, unlike APS-C, i feel like you get an actual size advantage with the smaller sensor. I have looked into the full frame mirroless, but I see no advantage in going that route since the lenes are still large and the costs very high,

I have been looking into the option for a new body and lenses and I am at a loss as there are too many options. I am looking for suggestions. Here is what I like / want to shoot:

1. Play time with my kids - 2 and 4 both indoors and out

2. Vacation scenes / group shots

3. Some portraiture (think Christmas card / mantle photos - nothing for sale)

4. Street photography (a bit)

We are planning a trip to Disney in about 18 months and I would like something to cover me there.

I should also note, I do not really care all that much about video

About the only thing I am sure about is that the 24-70 full frame is my favorite range, so I would like a fast equilavent (I am note sure which is better Olympus of Panny) and I would like a small, fast prime to make the camera as pocketable as possible. Other than that, fast auto-focus is probably the only other major requirement. I would like to stay in $2K-2.5K range start.

Thank you in advance for the help

Nikon D750
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