My D850 hit rate vs. my 11 year old D3

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My D850 hit rate vs. my 11 year old D3

Hello everyone,

Ive been a semi-professional photographer for about 12 years and just recently upgraded to a Nikon D850 from my D3 and D300.

Ive shot a lot of greyhound races for Phoenix Greyhound Park with my D3 and also made a lot of trips to the Phoenix Zoo (I still do but now with my D850).

Ive mostly used my 70-200mm f/2.8 VR for greyhound racing and wildlife/zoo photography. It is the VR I version, I believe introduced in 2002 if I remember correctly.

Anyway... Because I had never owned a camera even close to the mega pixels of the D850 it was quite a culture shock for me. The file sizes, exposing of less than excellent technique etc. are things that I am trying my best to deal with with regard to my photography.

Ive noticed with my D850 that Ive needed to increase my shutter speed (and ISO) in order to compensate while I try to improve my technique. I feel like my technique is good, but I think with the D850, in certain situations, it needs to be as close to perfect as possible.

When shooting birds and moving animals Ive noticed that my hit rate vs. my D3 is less, however, that can be tempered in that I believe a "miss" or "throw out" with the D850 might have been a keeper with my D3.

Let me explain...

Ive got my D850 set up to show 100% magnification when I hit the button on the multi-selector so after taking some images I will take a peek and see how they look. Well, at 100% with 46 mega pixels it is going to show a lot more than what I was used to looking at with my D3 when checking image quality in camera.

When I zoom in slightly while reviewing images in camera the images on my D850 look fine. They also looked good on my D3 as well. However, Ive noticed when I zoom in very tight on each camera that while the D3 image is pixelated, the D850 when zoomed at 100% will more readily expose any blur or other technique error. Its kind of like what HD did to the news anchors faces when it first came out years ago vs. what we saw prior to that. The wrinkles, acne and other imperfections were much more noticeable in Hi Def vs. the lower resolution TV feeds we had been accustomed to before.

So... I think what Im going to do is to try to get my 100% zoomed in images taken with my D850 to look as good as I can by improving my technique, using a monopod more often, raising my shutter speed, learning more about different auto focus settings, raising ISO when necessary, using flash etc.

In the long run I think the D850 will make me a better photographer and its a challenge that I hope I can conquer. Its kind of like a person who drove a Ford Pinto and thought they were a great driver and then stepped into a Ferrari and discovered that some of their driving flaws were exposed!

Let me know what you think and thanks so much for taking the time to read this.

All the best to you,


Nikon D3 Nikon D300 Nikon D850
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