What's Wrong with DPReview Reviews - Case in point, the RX100 VI

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What's Wrong with DPReview Reviews - Case in point, the RX100 VI

One of the most important developments in cameras (and cellphones) is their increasing capability in video. This is particularly true of Sony Cyber-shot cameras, like the RX series. The RX series has among the most sophisticated video abilities in the industry, even in their tiny consumer cameras.

DPReviews reviews of video performance used to be a joke, not providing anywhere near the rigorous performance tests for video as they provided for stills. That has been for the most part fixed.

However, what still remains is a gap in the stills and video demonstrations of the capabilities of the cameras. The "gallery" of stills for the RX100 VI, for example,contains many gorgeous shots, of landscapes, of still-lifes, of people. Expertly composed. They are clearly shot by capable photographers. Now what's the point of providing these? To show what the camera can do at its best. So potential consumers can say - "wow, the camera can do that!". It's a useful feature of the reviews.

For video, however, we get a "demo" reel of badly composed shots with gratuitous and poorly implemented pans. And shots set in ways no pro videographer would ever choose. The RX100 VI video, for example, not only is a joke in terms of interest, composition and lack of variety, it contains shots at f11, where diffraction is known to severely reduce resolution, or shots at 1/800th of a second, producing jerky video.

In sum, the example RX100 VI video, unlike the stills gallery, is not intended to show off what the camera can do at its best - so potential buyers can say "wow, I didn't know the camera can shoot video like that". Unlike the gallery photos, no videographer would want to take credit for it. The impression given instead is that the camera in video is no different from a cell phone; moreover, that taking video itself is silly and uninteresting. And, DPReview clearly does not think that video is important if that is all they bother to do with the camera in video.

It is not that the example video contains no useful information (although it contains misleading information because of the poor choice of shooting settings). It is that there is no equivalent video "gallery" showing off the camera at its best.

Camera manufacturers hire pro photographers and videographers to show off their camera. DPReview is doing that too, but only for stills. It is time for DPReview to fully acknowledge that video is as important as stills and deserves appropriate treatment. Shoot some awesome video, just like is done for stills. Maybe hire staff to do that, but not a vlogger.

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