Just FYI: Panasonic voids warranty if you sell lens from a kit

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Re: Just FYI: Panasonic voids warranty if you sell lens from a kit

Sion H wrote:

Thomas Kachadurian wrote:

Thomas An wrote:

If not the Panasonic's support site, then what is the better way to get the correct official policy in a definitive way.

Your experience with repairs, as you state it, is how I would expect it to be, but I need to see an official response or document and read the fine print.

You are looking for trouble where there is none. US Law covers Warranty claims, they cannot have a policy that is illegal. They can tell you anything, and depending who you get on the phone you will get a range of possible answers.

The lens you sold has no warranty for the new guy, but it has no impact on your rights as the original purchaser.

Relax and enjoy your camera.


Exactly mate - just hire a few lawyers, take Panasonic to court and three years later after you've sold your house and are living on the street you can get your gx9 fixed

Panasonic USA headquarters is in Newark New Jersey. I live in New Jersey, cost me all of $15 filing fee in small claims court.

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