Fuji for travel light set 3200 dollars

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Re: Fuji for travel light set 3200 dollars

hobbyist84 wrote:

Brian P Smith wrote:

hobbyist84 wrote:

Get xe3 now - 899

16 1.4 - 999

50 f2- 449

Xt3 later this fall when it comes out. 1599 I would guess

That's about 3950 but you could shave a couple hundred or more getting the lenses used on ebay.

The 16 1.4 I think is fujis best lens and a great focal length for the fuji x system. It's my most used lens and is 1.4 for low light. All of the f2s are good but if you do get the 16 the 50 f2 compliments it well. It is light telephoto and good for head shots and street with some distance. It is also very small.

The 23f2 xe3 kit is a good option as well but that would be to close to the 16 if you do get 16.

I'm looking forward to the X-T3 as much as anyone but if you think it's going to be released at $1600 you've got a surprise coming to you...

What do you think it will be? No ibis made in China. Xh1 is 1650 currently.

Yes but that's with the sale going on. X-H1 launched at $1899, I would expect the X-T3 to be around the same.

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