difference between Chromatic aberration vs Fringe vs Spherical Aberration

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difference between Chromatic aberration vs Fringe vs Spherical Aberration

I am not able to understand the difference between :

Fringing, Chromatic Aberration, Spherical Aberration, Achromat Aberration, Fringing.

I saw a different diagram but nobody explains in simple words.

please provide me the link or if possible explain me in simple words different with diagrams.

this would be would be a great help. I am curious to understand these differences.

I now that when different light spectrum (color) when passes through the lense so due to lens imperfection they all it to different surface point and that cause aberration but that is what I was thinking about chromatic aberration until I heard other terms.

I believe when we increase F-stop (reduce aperture hole) which cause "Lens Diffraction" will also lead the aberration problem (correct me if I am wrong)

camera use compound lens (multiple elements) to remove this :

now above two lines are different in 'Achromat doublet' so again confusion?

And what is fringing and what cause fringing (I think chromatic aberration will not cause this).

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