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Re: ZR3700

telefunk wrote:

Thanks for the feedback. My experience with the ZR5000 is similar as regards the extended SRzoom, no doubt due to the smaller amount of pixels vs the ZR850. In general the ZR850 processor seems to be much faster ...?

Did you do any comparisons vs the ZR850?

Not direct ones as yet. Grandchildren now gone home so maybe next week. We have chosen a target for daylight tests and when a nice sunny day comes we will take all cameras. The target will be the Endeavour replica in Sydney as it has plenty of detail and easy to access from a solid wharf nearby.

So far the only comment is that the ZR850 at ISO 800 is rather tragic but the ZR5100/3700 look quite good at 800 and acceptable even higher. So we need to find a reliable low light area as well to see what the limits for each camera are.

The results of course all depend on what you need to do with the image, if for a screen display then on a 4K TV screen it is auto sized to 8MP, and if printing to 4x6 postcards size then the usual 300 dpi lab printers are creating a 2MP file to do that. So I may need to do both to see what looks OK at what ISO.

As you note the ZR850 is surprisingly good for its sensor size, they seem to have it all work fairly well, but it certainly is no low light camera. I see problems all the time with my wife's ZR850 results when we get about in the dim to dark. The ZR5100/3700 certainly do better in dim/dark conditions but nowhere near as good as my M4/3 gear of course.

As an expensive experiment later on I may even try the latest Sony iteration of the RX100V(A) where they updated the internals but kept the 24-70mm equivalent f/1.8-2.8 lens on the 1" sensor. That's only a faint maybe of course as Sony is so darn expensive here.

Regards...... Guy

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