Just FYI: Panasonic voids warranty if you sell lens from a kit

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Re: Nonsense.

dougjgreen1 wrote:

Thomas An wrote:

In my eyes the answer was very unambiguous, but .... but ... if you guys feel that there is still room for interpretation and you wish to ask specifically worded question that pin-point Panasonic's warranty policy, let's do it collectively.

If you want them to clarify even more whether both body and lens loose warranty once the kit is broken, there is a live chat link at the base of the support page --> here, they are open 9am - 5pm EST

I think it is better to get the official view once and for all instead of speculating amongst ourselves.

Personally I think Panasonic's current policy is rather gutless and disrespectful to the consumer and to their product. They force you a lens you may not need and make it easy to break the warranty in multiple subtle ways.

...Do you think LOSING the lens voids the body warranty?

Selling the lens voids the warranty on the lens. Not the body. But YOU never specified it. It's patently obvious that either you, or the person you spoke to was confused as to the meaning. The lens is a separate item. Suppose you LOST the lens? Would that, to your mind, void the warranty on the body? That would be such a ridiculous outcome as to be absurd on it's face.

The wall charger is a separate item too, but doesn't get its own warranty.

You are making legacy assumptions that each item in the retail box has a unique warranty. In practice (if we assume Panasonic support as a legitimate source) it is seen as a kit (all accessories are under the same umbrella warranty). Once the kit warranty bursts, that's it for all the box contents.

Also, the warranty thing was further clarified by support -->here ,

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