The one thing Casey Neistat hates the most about RX100VI for video

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Re: The one thing Casey Neistat hates the most about RX100VI for video

I only just watched his review of the RX100VI and I'd have to say he was quite objective. Those familiar with his other videos will note that his in-focus hit rate on this video was significantly higher than his average video.

The most important takeaway in his review & discussion (and certainly not a revelation), is the unparalleled variation in perspective the VI gives you relative to any other RX100. That lens is just killer, there are no two ways about it. It allow so many different framing opportunities that didn't exist before with prior RX100s. My wife and I spent part of the day at the Bronx Zoo and I can tell you a 3:1 zoom would simply not have allowed many of the shots she was able to get with the VI.

Since most people will be doing the bulk of their shooting with this camera in good to reasonably good light, the new lens will be a tremendous asset in terms of 'getting the shot', whether that's a still or a video. There's no substitute for that added reach.

Adding to that is the 'clear zoom', which on new Sonys has improved to the point where, for all intents & purposes, it's visually transparent. So in reality, you actually have a 300mm lens that fits in your pocket.

Is it worth the price? If you value the quality of this lens and its reach in a pocket size camera, you betcha!

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