Dear Sigma, please give me a Ricoh GR with Foveon sensor

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Dear Sigma, please give me a Ricoh GR with Foveon sensor

Dear Sigma,

I write here to let you know that you made a big mistake for some years now. You missed to produce a small pocketable fixed lens camera with your gorgious Foveon sensor inside. The DPx Merril are not pocketable, since it will never fit into a Jeans or jacket pocket. The DPx Quattro is even larger and you missed it there.

Please consider a Ricoh GR style Merril or Quattro camera. Give it a sharp 28mm F2.8 or create a little marvel and shrink a 24mm F2.0 into such a small body. If you are worried about battery life, heat and CPU power make it larger in length or if you insist on height but do not touch depth. Depth is what makes a camera pocketable. I considered the Sony RX100 as the limit when it comes to depth of a pocketable camera so I think make it not deeper than 36mm. Make the body as even as possible so it can easily slip into a pocket and doesn't get caught when you try to get out. Just look what Ricoh has done and make it better.

I'm convinced such a camera will find a lot of buyers even if it will cost 1000€. A Foveon camera is a thing that needs good light and a good oportunity. A lot of your Merrils and Quattros live a life in a shelf since they are large and will only get out occasionally if the owner is shure there will be a good oportunity to using it. But my dream is it to have a Foveon camera as a daily companion. Ready when there is a beautiful moment to capture. But instead of pulling out a phone and take a mediocre picture it would be a a win if I could pull out a Sigma out of my pocket and take a gorgious picture.

I hope I will see an anouncement of this camera at this years Photokina. Thank you Sigma and keep up the good work.

Best regards


PS: If you on it you should consider a Sigma Foveon mirrorless too. It would be great to use all that legacy lenses on a sharp Foveon sensor like on Sony mirrorless camera bodies. Thank you!

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