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bmike wrote:

tenordrum wrote:

Thanks for your MW captures, and the picture of the Vixen setup. I am considering purchasing a tracker for my annual trek to the Oregon Star Party. I was thinking of the iOptoron sky guider pro or the Vixen.

Do you think the Vixen could handle a heavier load? And is the "learning curve" a bit steep on it? I can't lug too much in my luggage cross country, so smaller is better.

Your welcome!

Check the specs, but I think they were similar in capacity. I looked at both and I bought the Vixen because I hike alot and wanted something compact and easy to use as well as more robust. It fits into a small case I stole from some other electronics. . I also bought the compass accessory which you can use to get close when you can't see Polaris. I've used it this way for a few previous shots, double checking with a phone app (hold the phone up to the back of the Vixen and make sure Polaris is in the center where the polar scope would go).

Its pretty easy to use. Check the latitude, check the magnetic declination if using the compass. Align so the bubble is level or the angle is right on the side inclinometer on the Vixen, then eye through the hole to see Polaris (without the scope) - or use the polar scope.

The iOptron is plastic, the vixen is metal. More compact, but I think about the same weight.

My first time out I got 240s exposures with just the tiniest bit of elongation with a 50mm lens on the M6. 60s shots showed no elongation... was pretty impressive.

Thanks! that input is quite helpful. I have a 6DII, but was considering getting back into an M series such as the M50. (I previously owned an M3) for travel. Thanks again.

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