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Hi! For a wedding,what settings should I use for the first dance on a 5d mark iii ?What AF modes(one shoot,servo) and how many focus points ?Also,should I use a lower iso with more power of the flash or a higher iso with a low power of flash?If I hadn't put the thread on the good category,I ask an moderator to move my thread.

I am a wedding "expert" and the first-dance is usually done with lights down "low", (and AF probably won't work at all).

Not true. The AF not working part. Lighting is not always dark either. And even so, any "pro" level flash (and cheaper ones) have an Auto Assist beam that helps focus. I've captured events in very dark situations. Just did one last night at Hard Rock Live. 700 teen age girls (mostly) having a dance party. Lights on the floor were not very bright.

I always shot them in "manual" focus, preset to about 10', (and then I make sure I was standing exactly 10' away).

Again, with todays' auto focus technology especially in low light areas, there is little need to "have to" use manual focus. I mean you can. But why? Especially if you say the dance floor is so dark. ???

I also shot at f/16, (w/ GN-200 strobe), so I had a lot of DOF, (in case I was not "exactly" 10' away).

This I don't get this at all. f/16!! You gotta be blasting them with a lot of flash! How much DOF do you need? I shot all night at 5.6.

You know YOU ARE CORRECT. Most of my flash was indeed @ f/5.6.

But I was once at a wedding 135miles from home.

I had taken seconds (back-up) of "everything", 2nd camera, 2nd flash-controller, but NOT a 2nd flash-"head".

I suppose I dont have to explain which item failed.

The "auto" flash-head failed and it indeed started firing at FULL-power, (GN-200 on even 2' away subjects)

SO .... I did indeed set f/16, and shot every shot, (even cake cutting, etc.), @ 12.5' away, (actually about 10' because I did not worry about over-exposure on color-negative film).

Mostly fun shots with two or three girls but also did a few small groups and from front to back, which was no further than a bride a groom, I got plenty of DOF. As i said in my original post, these shots are not going very big. Smaller final shots will give you more "apparent" DOF.

I used a Godox 685 (around 160 GN) on TTL "bounced" into a white bounce card. If it was manual my guess would have been around 1/2 power at most. ISO 1600 (fine for today's cameras) and 1/60 of a sec.

I now shoot w/ FZ-1000 which can AF @ -4EV so can now AF in reasonably lower light.

You certainly can shoot like this but I never would. High ISOs, auto assist for auto focus and TTL makes shots like this THESE days a lot easier. But, to each his own I guess.

Well, that explains a lot.  

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