How many of you are using Facebook for your photography business?

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Re: Don't do live just for FoMo.

Cameranoobie wrote:

I'm going to give Live video a try, I will tell you why. It's just too big right now to not incorporate it into your business marketing plan. Facebook Live is just a juggernaut of an audience, all at your disposal, to access for FREE!

Yes, that's true in general, I'm not arguing about that, but my original point was all about your target audience. Whether or not your particular audience is embracing and anticipating FB live videos, and do you know if you'd just waste your time and money on them.

That said, I do agree the importance of trying things out. That's why testing it makes perfect sense.

Except for most of my videos I am going to do it pre-recorded but streamed as a live broadcast. I found a website that you can schedule pre-recorded videos from their cloud based system and stream it at the day and time that you choose as a live broadcast. I've been testing it out for the past day and it works amazing! Notifications go out prior to the stream starting, an embedded video player window pops up on your Facebook page as you are about to go live and even a timer from within 3mins until you go live.

So your doing the FB live thing is kinda like a form of FB advertising without actually using paid FB advertising. Okay, that's a good point.

Given the disruptive (rather than search-based) nature of FB advertising in general, that may indeed be something worth experimenting with, within different sorts of target audiences.

Which online service are you using for your FB broadcast scheduling?

Good point and I agree. This is why I decided to do pre-recorded videos streamed as live. My goal is that for when I do the mobile ones, is I would do 10min interviews with special guests and organizers at events that I am shooting and working at, and for portraiture sessions, I would do 10 min meet and greets with my clients (just they would be on camera, not me). This gives me audience a different perspective and they see my business from a more interactive standpoint in terms of my clients and how I interact with them etc. It's not just about me taking pictures of them, it's more than that.

Yes, that's what BTS videos generally are about, and in your case, you could also expand that into testimonial videos, which are considered marketing gold.

Although ten minutes sounds a bit too long for a FB video in particular. It might work better on YouTube. It's not about the modern audience being ADD, it's the fact that FB make them behave like that. More so than YouTube.

You have to remember that I see video (even live) differently than the average person. Bad sound where you can hardly hear the speaker? Makes the video useless, people will exit the video. Bad choppy video where it's barely visible? Again makes the video useless, people will exit the video. I just have different standards when it comes to video production, even for live stuff.

Most serious photographers and filmmakers have high standards for their work, that's a given, but the point about live broadcast was that the live broadcast part isn't always in your control.

Until the few recent years, even big brands that could provide state of the art production value like Apple, for example, would struggle to get a quality live feed online, as they didn't own the broadcasting infrastructure. Today's online live shows are massively better than they were a decade ago, or just five years ago.
Nevertheless, people did watch even the crappier feeds back then, if the content was compelling enough and they knew about the live feed in the first place. Hence the need for advertising beforehand.

Pre-recorded paired with a scheduler is the plan for me.

Right, that's the interesting angle here, and I'm curious to know how it goes.

True but remember Live reaches 3 times more of an audience than any video uploaded to Facebook does.

Yeah, that's something I had apparently overlooked or forgotten all about.
I believe what I said about live video in general in my previous posts is still quite valid, but the advertising angle is indeed worth keeping in mind.

Live is where Facebook is investing their money into, they even have an entire team just working on the Live platform and continually building it to make it bigger and better.

Hence their investment in Instagram TV. With which they'll probably try to go after YouTube.

Too bad the IG TV is apparently made for the cellphone zombies only, based on the fact that it's all about vertical videos. Ew. Sighhhhh...

Just like reports have said that 80% of people would rather watch a video blog than read a text blog. Well the same goes for live video, majority of people are more inclined to watch a live stream than pre-recorded.

That's an interesting tidbit. Where did you get it?

People preferring video over text is obvious enough, but a live feed being more preferable than any pre-recored feed, that sounds bit tougher to swallow. Surely the content and context should have an impact on that, shouldn't they.

Then there's the concept of a niche audience, which sometimes make exceptions to the rule. For example, people in some niches are eager readers. Which is probably a topic for another discussion, but suffice to say knowing one's niche is important.

What do you mean 10's to 90's highlight roll? I am doing my second FB live session tommorrow morning and am curious to see what kind of response it gets. My first one from 2 weeks ago only had 313 views lol.

It refers to the disruptive (as opposed to search-based) nature of FB advertising and to the very short attention span people have in social media, and in FB in particular.

That has been tested by a number of online marketers for years, and I have noticed it even in myself. Whenever I log in to FB my behaviour tends to change ever so subtly towards the impatient, ADD kind of behaviour, and I don't like it.

What has been concluded by FB marketers, fellow filmmakers and other businesspeople running their FB pages is that in FB a short, quickly to the point videos from 10 seconds up to 90 seconds work the best. Based on the tests done by some marketing professionals, in Facebook in particular, there is not much point in uploading videos longer than 3 minutes. Very few people will actually watch those.

Therefore your idea of 10-minute BTS videos might not be an ideal format for Facebook, even though it might still work in YouTube.

Surely both of us have seen videos over six minutes in FB, but those generally work only inside certain closed FB groups where people are expecting to see longer form content as well.

However, I've noticed that even as a regular member of the FB audience, I prefer watching only short clips in FB, and I'd rather enjoy my longer form videos outside FB. Not entirely sure why.

But in the main FB feed people are getting, it's better to keep the clips short and snappy. Use them as teasers to draw people away from FB into your own website, where you are in total control of the display.

In other words, you could make a short 90-second teaser for FB, and show the full 10-minute BTS video embedded on your own website.

Even though what I said applies mostly to pre-recorded videos, based on what I've seen in FB so far and what people seem to be doing over there would suggest that the principle works with live streams, too.
In FB shorter is better, and people start dropping off after 90 seconds and 3 minutes. Make it 10 minutes for your devoted fans only. Better yet, take it outside of FB, embed it on your website, nurture the leads.

I don't need a live channel but I am just trying to stand out from my competition and really make the most out of my marketing.

Right, that makes sense, and it might work, for a while.
Until FB will change their algorithms again and limit the organic reach of your videos based on whatever excuse. After which it's back to the regular "wanna have some eyeballs, so pay up, sucker" model.

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