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Re: (free) LR: Full (pure/unbaked) RAW-to-DNG vs ACR (pre-baked) m43 Raw ORF

JLGF1 wrote:

Are those steps undesired for some reason? ie is lens correction a bad thing?

nothing wrong with lens correction AFTER pp RAW (ideal) provided any are needed or desired

what happens with either in-camera lens correction for jpegs, or forced lens correction to "mfr-spec" (baked in specs) for pp raw, is, less optimal:

  • noise patterns in darker areas are shifted out of original position, and NR algorithms cannot adequately deal with, and generates unwanted NR artifacts
  • depending of extremity of lens distortion correction, unwanted unexpected moire can be generated where none originally existed
  • most suffering such artifacts will opt for a higher contrast look, by crushing shadows to hide weird noise patterns, where none should exist without such pre-corrections (pre-altered raw)

i lifted shadows on pure full raw, so i could see "original noise" (fine uniform grain) which can be better dealt with, using NR (optional, if needed)

lens correction is best done AFTER pp raw, especially with jpegs already cleaned up

lens correction is best on UPSIZED pp jpg (jpg from pp pure full raw)

and adjusted to taste (straightened, then correction, re-cropped, etc)

original pic was slanted, but i left it to show original pure uncropped full raw

the clouds look normal, not pre-stretched into the corners (to eliminate any visible vignetting) 7mm @ f6.3 (vignetting is very minor)

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