Is the Price of the Sony RX100 VI Too High? Compared to What?

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Re: Is the Price of the Sony RX100 VI Too High? Compared to What?

hawk15 wrote:

Markr041 wrote:

But that is the point: the different form factor leads people - including reviewers - to ignore a camera that has essentially the same capabilities.

Dunno if you read the thread or looked up the specs but it is not the same capabilities. Several min limit with wild variations in overheating vs something designed to record entire events is not the same animal.

The buyer can decide which form factor is more suitable.

Ask the camcorder buyers, see if they had a hard time deciding b/t that and the RX.

I started this thread based on a reading of the specs.

Sure, if you have to use a camera to video long events with one continuous shoot, then you have to get the big camera. But that is one use. Most users of the AX700 - consumers - are not shooting like that, and even if the event recorders are in a majority, that is hardly the only use of video cameras. Most videos are shot one short clip at a time. The five minute limit is inconsequential for most video purposes. No films or TV shows or even sports broadcasts contain 5-minute or more continuous shots. Because they are boring, terribly boring. Most YouTube videos consist of short clips merged together. The point is that, for most uses, the capabilities of the AX700 and the little RX100 are the same.

The AX700 is for consumers, not pros. The camera is not for event shooters that just turn a camera on and leave it on. The consumers interested in travel videos, videos of family events, etc. thus could just as well use the cheaper RX depending on their main purposes. Battery life is irrelevant (as long as, again, one is not just continually shooting), the batteries of the RX are much cheaper, lighter and smaller.

Overheating is a real issue, but it can be handled. But some may prefer handling a big box compared to a tiny camera. This site ignores camcorders, giving the impression that somehow they are not comparable. But as the video capabilities of cameras have grown, as the comparison starting this thread shows, the differences between camcorders and cameras are now small.

And, btw, how many people participating in this forum use cameras to shoot long events with one continuous shot? Not wedding videographers. Not travel enthusiasts. Not those interested in shooting family events or wildlife. Some for sure, maybe you. But hardly many.

I used to buy and shoot with camcorders; now I don't. So ask me if I had "hard time" choosing between camcorders and RX cameras.

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