Best Tripod & Ballhead ~ $150 US?

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Re: Best Tripod & Ballhead ~ $150 US?

I hear you on the twist locks.

My experience with them, albeit with tripods under $100 has been like this:

Unpack tripod, twist each lock, twist, twist, twist, twist, a few people pass by, twist, twist twist, more people pass by, twist, twist, then I move on to the second leg.

And then if I'm in a hurry and I forget to twist one of the locks tight enough, the tripod suddenly tips to one side and I dive to grab my camera.

Like I said, this has been with brands like Slik (or is it Silk?) and Sunpak, simply because they were light. I did have a Manfrotto with a nice 501 head for video once and that one was a good tripod. I could have certainly used a mule to lug that one around though. Then came carbon and made things much lighter.

I think I'm going to try and spend some time mixing and matching ball heads with tripods and see if I can get a combo that ticks all the boxes, hopefully she'll have a sense of humor and be smart too. Wait, are we still talking about tripods?

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