Firmware update for SIGMA lenses in Canon mount

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Re: Firmware update for SIGMA lenses in Canon mount

Pepege wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

Pepege wrote:

thunder storm wrote:

In relation to the Sigma f/1.8 50-100mm with second generation DPAF:

Does anyone know if there is no update for the 50-100mm because they still have to develop it, or if there is no update because non is needed?

My Sigma 18-35mm works well on my M50 with the update, and a found that 50-100 f/1.8 very tempting for the M50 as well.

Did you know? They just released an update today, including the 50-100:

Thanks a lot for the notification!

And the descriptions sounds similar to the 18-35 update: lens aberration is mentioned, but not anything Af related.

You are right!!! Never the less it works great on my M50.

I have not tried it yet on my 50-100. But AF is working great on my 80D after calibration with the dock.

My 18-35 is professionally calibrated, but appears to be unusable inconsistent on my 70D except for Live View...... I know reviewers are more positive about the AF of the 50-100 using center AF-point..... but i like to use off center points too, and the experience with the 18-35 causes a lack of faith in the AF of the 50-100.

Yes, there are endless stories about poor AF problem on 18-35. My copy had severe backfocus even with Live View. The latest firmware update (2.01) fixed it for me. But with phase detect the precision is still not very good. However, my lens is in service currently (2nd time). I hope it will work afterwards.

The AF on my 50-100 was always accurate & precise in both LiveView and phase detect. I also haven't seen any problem with off-center AF points. However, I haven't checked this thoroughly. My pictures are fine.

O.k., your experience with the 50-100 is good to know.  Seems there is a 100% chance it will work on my M50 (assuming Live view on the 80D will be essentially the same as on the M50), and a also a good chance it will work on my 70D. You've got me thinking.

The Sigma 50mm f/1.4 art is another option. Not so long big and (front) heavy, a little bit cheaper, also usable on full frame, eventually with a MC11......   But on f/1.4 it is not really sharp.... you need f/2.0 for that, and the 50-100 is sharp at f/2.0 too while it is able to generate more compression and a thinner DOF.......

choices choices.....

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