Why So Many Threads and Reports of Failing Fuji Camera Bodies?

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Re: Why So Many Threads and Reports of Failing Fuji Camera Bodies?

Rand 47 wrote:

I love my Fuji cameras. But I will say that the only one I’ve owned that didn’t have one sort of mechanical or quality problem was my X-T1. My original X-100 had to be sent in to have the lens assembly replaced for the sticky aperture blade problem. My first X-T2 would randomly turn itself both on, and off, when brand new out of the box. Had to be replaced by dealer. Both my X-Pro 2 and X-T2 have on/off switches that are mushy, and often it takes more than one “try” to turn the camera on. This is very frustrating. On my first X-H1 body, the shutter button literally fell out of the body when I pulled the body out of the bag. It was returned and replaced.

I’m a sample of one, but with four out of five bodies, bought brand new, and having design or manufacturing defects right out of the box, it isn’t encouraging. I’m an old guy, and have owned many camera bodies over 50 years. All of them flawless except for the Fujis.

Fuji’s lenses are fabulous, and I love the manual controls... that’s what keeps me using them. But there is a real problem somewhere in Fuji’s quality control process.


I have had no issues (so far!) with my Fuji inc original X100. In my film days (OM1n + wife’s FM2) I just don’t recollect systemic issues with main brand cameras, is it due to the market demanded pace of development I.e. have to get new camera into stores. Only major league camera manf internal quality analysis would prove or discount this - unlikely we we get even close to this!

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