Sony RX100 too old?

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Re: Sony RX100 too old?

mdcromer wrote:

except for cost, I do not recommend the m1 or m2. the image stabilization SUCKS, or non-existent.

The M1 and M2 have a much longer focal length range than M3-M5, so I stuck with the M2 until now.

I had zero issues with the image stabilization on the M1 or M2.

I love(d) my m1, keep it in the car door, ALWAYS with me, but the m3 has FUNCTIONAL advantages, some obvious, some subtly discovered.

I am 'unsteady' with the m1, I need 1/60th for handheld stills. m3 I shoot 1/30th, can concentrate and use 1/20th if needed.

I shoot lots of kids motion, good and low light. A great deal of what I write assumes either motion, low light, or both. Good light, they are all superb.


sometimes, like Disney on ice, dark theater, dark ice rink, spotlight on moving Minnie, I shoot wide, to stay at f1.8, fast enough shutter speed (just fast enough to keep ISO as low as possible)

and crop that cleaner shot some later. In those cases, the m1 28mm f1.8 can have a speck of advantage,

the m3 is a bit darker even by 28mm, so if you shoot m3 wide for f1.8, you need to crop more for an 'equal' shot., Subtle, but true.


as for 70mm limit of m3, less than 100mm of m1. It comes down to aperture/noise

m1 is narrowed to f4.9 at 100mm, m3 is only f2.8 at 70mm, so it is much easier to get a cleaner m3 shot and crop that cleaner shot to 100mm view later.


ideal portrait is around 100mm, nicely the the m1's limit, however, again, it is f4.9

m3 70mm at f2.8 is cleaner. But, for equal framing. m3 70mm limit is TOO close, facial distortions can occur.

m3, I stand too close, for my desired final framing, then take 1 step back, (where I would be standing if using 100mm), shoot wider than desired, and crop that cleaner original to equal 100mm view.


I use Smart Zoom SZ, (Jpeg only) which automatically engages when you drop down to 10mp (in the optical only setting)..

You get in-camera crops, m1 gives you 100 x 1.4x = 140mm, optical crop, no upscale. Again, they are f4.9.

m3 at 10mp SZ gives 70 x 1.4 = 98 (close to portrait 100), once again 100mm at f2.8. It is simply cropped for you in-camera.

I occassionally use Clear Image Zoom, CIZ, (occassional, effortless, good enough for something I would otherwise miss). In-camera crop, and in-camera upscale, back to 20mp.

Again the apertures come into play. m1 CIZ is 200mm at f4.9. m3 CIZ is 140mm at f2.8


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