Star Trails, Timber Frame

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Re: Star Trails, Timber Frame

W5JCK wrote:

bmike wrote:

Here is what I'm seeing in StarStaX - comet mode on, Gap filling turned all the way up, threshold at max.

The gaps are not going to change until you retake the photos. So don't expect the problem to go away. You need smaller gaps between shots and of course between star trail images. The fainter stars will be more likely to show up as dotted lines than brighter stars. But like I said, you are spinning your wheels trying to greatly improve what has already been shot. Time for a re-shoot. If you still wind up with dotted lines that bother you, then try applying a filter in PS like the Gaussian Blur. Pixel peeking is not something anyone does except photographers, so step back and look at the results with the entire frame in view. Leave the Sherlock Holmes magnifying glass on the bookshelf.

I’ve done several iterations in Ps masking the foreground and blurring the stars, then layering crisp stars atop. That’s working out fine for what I need. At print resolution for a full color 8x10 CMYK calendar this will work just fine.

Just trying to understand the problem - as I’m not getting the same results as in the how to videos I’ve seen online, where gaps magically disappear.

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