Just FYI: Panasonic voids warranty if you sell lens from a kit

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Re: Just FYI: Panasonic voids warranty if you sell lens from a kit

Albert Valentino wrote:

Thomas An wrote:

gary0319 wrote:

Thomas An wrote:

But ... support did not make such distinction. His answer was short and direct and without qualifiers; which leaves me only one way to interpret it. On top of this, if you try to initiate a repair request, it is explicitly mentioned that you must ship them the original box with everything in it as it was bought; this includes the lens.

And, you never thought to ask for clarification? It would have been the first thing on my mind since I imagine that was the reason you called in the first place.

I'd make another phone call if I were you, and please, report back

Of course not. It is unambiguous and clear as bell to me.

not to me. If it does not sound right then verify. If the response is repeated but still does not seem right then hang up and call back and ask the same question to another rep and see if you get the same answer. You might be surprised how different people answer the same wuestion differently, especially medical doctors, of which I speak from a lot of experience.

my take is the warranty is not transferable which is no surprise. But with a kit where the lenses has been sold off, but the camera remains with the original owner, it is hard for me to believe they would deny me a warranty service. Besides, how would they know when you sent a camera in that you do not have the lens?

I agree. The OP made a very basic error in logic. He believes a question that lacks specification, responded with an answer that lacks specification, contains all the precision in the world.

One day that logic will bring him massively unstuck.

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