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try free mobile Adobe Lightroom (ACR included) ...

Ajka wrote:

I apologize for asking a very basic question.

I have finally upgraded my home computer (MS Surface Pro, 8th gen i5, 8g, 256gb), and I'm looking to buy a some software for raw conversion, editing, and organizing.

I have done some editing with picassa, and some raw conversion/editing with Olympus Viewer, both of which were slow and cumbersome on my antiquated computer. I also use snapseed on my phone.

My prime consideration is ease of use. Second consideration is cost. I don't mind spending up to a couple of hundred bucks on software, but I think I'd resent an annual subscription fee.

I have looked at ACDSee, DxO, CaptureOne, Affinity Photo, but find the amount of information, terminology, etc confusing.

If anyone knows of a site that has a basic, simple, unbiased, primer on photo-related software I'd appreciate it.

try free mobile Adobe Lightroom (ACR included) ...

better than mobile Snapseed (maximum pp save jpeg = 25mp)

originally, mobile Adobe Lr (Lightroom) was called:

  • Adobe Lightroom (mobile) version #.#.#
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom version #.#.# up to v3.0.3 (Exif: Lightroom #.#.#)

now, it's called:

  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC (versions 3.1+) (Exif: ("Lightroom")

in all mobile versions, it's CC (paid cloud features) are optional; not a must, so one could use it to pp RAW for free completely offline (cloud-free)

of course, as soon as one wants "gallery management" of pp RAW images, but never really saved as jpegs for sharing offline, it's a paid service for those with gazillions of "images in the cloud"

as a strictly free mobile pc (tablet or smartphone) user, often pp RAW offline, free mobile LR/ACR is nice to have handy for those on the go, or enjoy leisurely pp RAW (not bulk auto-pp RAW by the thousands)

it's reasonably fast for lower mp images like 12mp, 15, 16, 18, 20, 24, 26mp raw

and not so bad for 30mp, 36mp raw

but it does get slower for 44mp, 47mp, 50mp, 80mp raw

free mobile (android) RAW2DNG app also allows one to opt for "unbaked" full raw DNGs pre-converted from proprietary raw, to open up more creative choices, than using "pre-baked" proprietary raw "as is" (pre-corrected/stretch-n-cropped)

android mobile versions far more flexible than apple iOS mobile versions (if one is tech minded)

the largest RAW i can handle in android Mobile LR/ACR, is pp PhaseOne 80mp raw, but not 100mp raw IIQ (my devices are old):

Galaxy Tab S, and Galaxy S5

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