In Lightroom can Adobe Standard be made to look like Camera Standard?

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Re: In Lightroom can Adobe Standard be made to look like Camera Standard?

Paul B - UK wrote:

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Paul B - UK wrote:

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Paul B - UK wrote:

Has anybody else had experience of this kind of problem and if so what solution did you find?

Sure. Use the camera manufacturer's software.

I'm aware that every camera is different, but i'm sure similar issues must of been had by some on here?

With Nikon, for instance, download the free Nikon Capture NX-D or View NX-i software and change willy-nilly between any of the Nikon Picture Controls. The result is the exact same as if you had set it in-camera. And for as long as you save the raw file, you can go back at any time in the future and change it again.

Good advice. However with my Samsung NX 300m the bundled software was Lightroom, and only Adobe Standard is available.

This means that Adobe hasn't spent the time (and money) on reproducing the camera's various picture styles.

You aren't locked into only the camera profile results.

Adobe Standard produces flat looking images from any camera because this is a good type of image for you to start making your own adjustments to produce the final image your inner artist desires. Adobe Standard, or any camera profile, should be considered as simply a starting place for post processing.

Once you find a set of adjustments that produces results you like you can always save them as a User Preset. This preset is just a different starting place than Adobe Standard and over time will evolve.

Thanks for your advice. It sounds like the correct answer. If I'm honest I do struggle to make Adobe Standard look good though. I'd much prefer to have a Camera Standard profile but there isn't one for my Samsung.

Is there any way to use a Camera Standard profile that Adobe made for another camera?

I can only think of one way.

Buy a X-Rite ColorChecker Passport.

Take JPG photos of it using various camera profiles and one using RAW.

Take the camera profile JPG into Lightroom's Develop module and read off the Lab values (right click on the Develop Module Histogram and switch to Lab).  Now change to the RAW image and make the necessary adjustments to get Lab values to match those for the JPG.  Save the settings as a User Preset.

I don't recommend doing this for a couple of reasons.

First, JPGs have a more limited dynamic range than RAW files so you would be throwing away  the extra dynamic range you captured in the RAW file.

Second, I don't want to be limited to the camera's profiles.  I would rather start with colors that are as correct as possible when editing and wind up with the image that my inner artist wants.  By doing a color calibration using my Passport I have a standard starting place for my edits.

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