SD15 for Senior Photos?

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I’ve been doing studio portraits, mostly using large format film, for the past several years.

So I’m at a crossroads. I have an SD15, and I need to decide if it’s up to the task of delivering the goods. My main concern is the smaller sensor (by today’s standards) and the need to possibly upsize files to produce 8x10’s or 11x14’s (the latter might be optimistic).

Seems to me that since you have the equipment (presumably studio lights already since you're doing 4x5) and an SD15, you should just try it to see how it works for you.

...In all the talk, It took 8 replies to get to this simple, basic empiricism.

Thanks for saving me from saying it, Tony. I gave you a tick for it.


I'm deciding if I want to invest in primes for the SD15, or just invest in a new system altogether for this kind of work. There's no try without buy...

I think the point is that you could shoot photos of SOMEONE with the SD-15 as you would in the final senior photo shoot(s), print the best one at a couple different sizes, and see what you think of it. That would be the try. Then, if you're happy with the results, why bother with getting any new equipment?

Remember that for years top photographers, including wedding and portrait photographers shot most or ALL of their work with 10 and 12 megapixel cameras, like the Nikon D2x and the Canon 5 D. The SD-15 produces image quality of the same level as those, so it's "good enough" to shoot portraits to be printed at a maximum size of 11x14. The question is whether your lens is up to the task, and I think you can believe it is. Here is a portrait from my own 28-80, if you need more convincing:

No pp other than just making whatever adjustments I made in SPP 5.5.3 from raw to export this.

This is not my set-up. A friend was shooting, and I was shooting on the side, handheld, quickly. I may have even been shooting at the same time as my friend. This is one of the few portraits I shot with that lens. I got a Sony A65 not long after that trip, and I bought that lens for that trip (because I was on a budget and my other lens stopped working).

Here's another portrait:

Again, no pp, and it looks like this is slightly back-focused

As you can see, both the photos above could be improved upon. For example, I might have used a tripod and focused more carefully. They are both just snapshots, really. The results are pretty reasonable though I think, for a $16 lens and an old Sigma camera that I bought used for like $300 long ago. Oh, and no doubt some work in GIMP would improve the way these photos look. (probably not worth working on though, I guess)

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