DxO Nik extreme instability

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Re: DxO Nik extreme instability

Dale H Leach wrote:

Thank you for your response. Regarding how long you have used the software: you answer was "yes, for years" Apparently you must have misunderstood my question because I meant specifically the "new" addition of Nik Collection 2018 by DxO. I too have run the old version for years with NO stability of crash issues UNTIL I paid for and downloaded the "new" DxO version of the software.

Not you in particular, but it seems to me that I have received a great deal of incredulity, sarcasm, and admonishments for ever posting my "DxO Software Instability" issue in the first place. Again: not you personally, but much of the sarcasm I have received from other DPReview Forum members almost seems as though they were defending DxO. Anyhow this criticism is not meant for you, Bobthearch, and it is neither here nor there.

What concerns me is that DxO is yet to get back to me with any plausible excuse as to why their "new" 2018 Nik Collection crashes on my hardware platform. Meanwhile I have gone back to the old version of Nik which works just fine.

It is frustrating when software won't run on your system. However, this situation is uncommon as there are very few reports of problems. People report having problems with all software but this doesn't mean a software title is no good for everyone.


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