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Jimmyy wrote:

jwilliams wrote:

keep exactly what you have. At 42.5mm and f1.7 the prime is going to give more background blur because of both longer FL and faster aperture. Going from f2.8 to 1.7 at lower FLs will result in some more background blur capabilities, but really isn't as noticeable.

Thank you, I'm starting to understand this reality/limitation. Initially I just wanted not to be that far from the subject and still have the same blurry background.

For wider FLs it is hard to blur the background and really in most cases not necessary. While the 15 1.7 should be a fine lens, the zoom is way more flexible. There is a lot less to be gained at the lower FLs by going to a faster prime than at longer FLs.

Could you please explain this part, I couldn't fully follow it.

The wider the angle of view, the more of the background will be in focus for a given aperture. Say you want to take someone's picture and to blur out the background. Lets say you could use either your 25mm or your 42.5mm. Lets say you use the same aperture on each lens for the photo. If you position yourself with the 25 to frame the subject the same as with the 42.5 you will be closer to the subject, and your lens will be taking in a much wider view of the background. So the subject will basically be the same size, but the background different. The narrower view of the 42.5 does 2 things different vs the 25 1) it covers a narrower view of the background (obviously) and 2) Elements in the background will be more out of focus vs the 25.

I'm probably not the best to go into the very technical details, but that is the practical application of it.

Sounds like you got a good starter outfit. If wanting to add more I'd look at longer FLs and consider something like the Sigma 60 2.8 (superb lens and incredible bargain)

Yes indeed, quite cheap.

And very good. Do not let the low price fool you. I have the sigma 60 and the Oly 75 1.8, one of the sharpest m43 lenses in existance. I actually prefer the 60, not because it is better optically, but I like the FL better and the optical quality is so close to the 75 you would need to do measured tests to see the minor difference. The 75 can blur backgrounds better due to both a longer FL and wider aperture, but I really don't find that to be a big problem.

or if you have the funds the Pany 35-100 2.8.

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