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Yes, I'm confusing the bokeh with the DoF. I tried to read about it, but I still need to understand it better. In any case, what I'm interested is the blurry background.

Astrotripper wrote:

Jimmyy wrote:

1) could I do portraits with the 15mm f1.7 with a nice boekeh? I guess so, I would just need to come closer to the subject than with my 42.5mm

The 15mm has a pleasing bokeh, I would say much better than the 14 and 20mm primes.

Then, isn't the 15mm distorting the face of a portrait? or to have too much of the background in a picture?

Why would you prefer it over 20mm?

But I think you are confusing bokeh with depth of field and background separation. You can have very shallow depth of field and atrociously bad bokeh (see Mitakon 25mm f/0.95) or a nice bokeh with relatively deep DoF and not so blurry background (most Panasonic Leicas). In fact, bad bokeh usually pops up in situations where the background is not blured into oblivion.

The 15mm is pretty wide and f/1.7 will not blur the background to oblivion at this focal length. It greatly depends on distance to subject and the from subject to background. If you would fill most of the frame with a child and be in an outdoor setting, you will get a nice subject separation. But it's not gonna be buttery blob of colour in the background.

Yes, on the simulator that was shared above (great link), I played with it, there is no way to get the same blurry background with a 15mm as the one on the 42.5mm

2) Besides the obvious disadvantage of switching lenses (between 15mm and 42.5) is there something else that I would be loosing by having these two prime lenses instead of the zoom one?

It's a matter of personal preferences and shooting style. I like shooting with primes so I would not mind this. But it's up to you to decide.

Also, you can use Sigma 18-35mm f/1.8 with an adapter. And with focal reducer that gives you a 12.5-25mm f/1.3 zoom. But no AF in video, and it's a massive beast. And bokeh isn't too nice.

Which adapter? what do you mean by "massive beast" is this positive or negative? Why isn't the blurry background nice?

I still need to learn about the AF on video, because with my moving kids, I couldn't get it to work on face detection, so now I'm using the big rectangle area in the center of the display to focus. My kids are moving so much and turning their head so the face detection will get lost... and refocusing takes some time....

3) For videos I will not be able to zoom in, out during the video, however in your experience how often is that needed?

Zooming during video with a mechanical zoom is pretty much pointless. With a power zoom, it can be done smoothly, but the 12-35 is not a power zoom. So I'd say you would almost never zoom it.

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