Canon 5d MKIV Corrupting Files

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Canon 5d MKIV Corrupting Files

Aloha!! It has been quite a long time since I posted here!!

I am having a very frustrating camera issue and wanted to see if anyone else has had this problem and resolved it..

I have used Canon Equipment for 12 years, 11 years of that as a professional wedding photographer. I have never had issues like this before..

I purchased a refurbished 5D MK IV from the Canon Refurbished site to add to my line up of MK III's & MK II. .. Seemed like a good idea at the time but most likely wont purchase refurbished anymore.

After updating firmware, testing the camera at home and on a small shoot and all seemed well, I started using it at events. After 2 events, the camera seemed ok but lagged quite a bit when writing files, so bad that I was unable to preview images or depress the shutter for about 6-8 seconds after shooting 3 or 4 images. When I finally could preview, the image looked fine on the LCD. I figured this was just that I needed to fine tune settings and get used to the camera.

I am in heavy wedding season so I was downloading cards to computer with an external card reader into LR CC and looking quickly through them and all looked well, because the jpeg preview was fine. When I finally had a chance to edit the images, 20 days after purchasing the camera, The images started loading into the develop module in LR, the image changed to show a completely corrupted pink image. I lost about 350 images due to corruption.

This Jpegs on my other card were fine. Silly me thought it was the cards so I bought new cards and thought it would be a good idea to shoot my next event with both cards recording Raw images in case there were any issues.. well camera corrupted images on both cards this time.

I called Canon, sent camera in for repair. They replaced the main circuit board under warranty and said it was "worn out" and was causing corrupt images. Not sure how on a 20 day old camera, but ok. They assured me over the phone twice that because the part replaced is " essentially the brains of the camera", this issue should not happen again. Got camera back, tested again. Seemed ok so used it for another small shoot and it corrupted the RAW images again about 150 files out of 400.

I called Canon and was sent to corporate level for help and now theyare having me download different ways, format and use memory cards that had corrupted files with different cameras, upload more corrupt files, ect.. with no resolution or answers. The camera seems to be corrupting images again.. not the memory cards.

I realize that equipment can have failures. I really just want to see if anyone else has had a similar file corruption issue with the 5D MK IV and if they figured out a solution. We all know that weddings are intense and we need reliable equipment to do our job. I am quite nervous to use this camera again..even if it gets repaired a 2nd time...

Mahalo ~ Kim

Canon EOS 5D Mark IV
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