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Re: Bokeh

I suspect some of what you may want to look at is how you are composing your shots...

Mind you I am NOT a professional, I am not particularly experienced, and I didn't even stay at a holiday inn express last night.  What I can contribute though is some personal experience.

I humbly put over these two pics I shot on my 45-150 lumix f4-5.6.


Both same day, similar lighting, nearly the exact same exposure settings (iso is slightly different but that's it).  Both of these are straight out of the camera.

Both are 150mm, both are f5.6, both are 1/320sec but by choosing how the background was oriented vs the subject (in this  case getting myself on their level to space the background farther our) the DOF effect was created even on a "slow" lens.

This lens is NOT my 42.5 f1.7 which can create this effect without any tricks or thought, but you can still acheive the desired effect with a little more planning on composition, and honestly for some portrait effects (like the first image) I actually like it more.

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