XC15-45 and electronic shutter

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Re: XC15-45 and electronic shutter

lsdphoto wrote:

Seems the same with or without OIS on.

I think it was probably me that first posted (a few months ago) about the fact that the XC 15-45 PZ seems vulnerable to vibrations caused by the travel of the first shutter curtain (aka shutter shock).  It's not generally a common occurrence in the Fuji system, in my experience, but I do see it with this lens.  It is however rather subtle, in that it just causes a slight softening, which might be perceived as soft focus if you weren't expecting shutter shock, when the mechanical shutter is used - and it's really only possible to spot it at maximum magnification on-camera, and only by comparison with a shot taken at the same speed with electronic shutter, which completely removes the vibration causing this.  Though I don't have one, I'd imagine that the X-H1 is immune to this effect, as it has a very soft action to its mechanical shutter, plus the option of EFCS for the mechanical shutter, which should eradicate any risk.

With the other models, electronic shutter is the way to go for the sharpest results, though it only happens at certain shutter speeds anyway.  I've only checked at 45mm, and offhand I forget whether I found it worst at 1/100, 1/125 or 1/160, but it would have been one or more of those three speeds for that focal length.  Another thing to bear in mind is that this sort of effect is somewhat variable as a lot of factors contribute to it, aside from the focal length and shutter speed, such as individual variations in the body's shutter vibration frequency and the vulnerability of the particular (i.e. individual example of the lens) to it - and even the additional frequency of user-induced shake (e.g. from holding technique and even pulse etc.).  The good thing is that the system doesn't cause the worst sort of this problem, where the stabilisation system partially compensates for it - in that case you tend to see a tiny but obvious double image on contrasty edges, which is impossible to ignore or correct.

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