Anyone used Bapiworld?

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Eric Suen
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Re: Anyone used Bapiworld?

Most of us like to shop around for a bargain. After all, why pay more for the same product? I’d read some negative review about Bapiworld beforehand. Being a Hong Kong Chinese myself, I would like to give this Hong Kong based company the benefit of the doubt and give it a try. My first order was cancelled by Bapiworld a week later as the lens was “out of stock”.

As the item is still listed with the same price a month later, I ordered a second time. The status has remained “Processing” for a whole month without progress or update. I sent couple messages via their website, querying my order but no reply. After wasted a month getting nowhere, I ended up ordering the lens from WOWCamera who delivered my new lens 6 days later. I finally requested Bapiworld to cancel my order but guess what? No reply again and still “Processing” despite my order was placed 7.5 weeks ago.

I also bought from E-Infinity before and plan to buy another lens from them in the near future.

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