Olympus EM1 Mark I or Panasonic GH3

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Re: I'd definitely go for the E-M Mk I

drj3 wrote:

The question was for the E-M1.1 with the GH3 with the earlier version of DFD, not the current versions of either manufacturers cameras. Current Panasonic cameras may be as good or better than the E-M1.1, I have not seen any comparisons for the older Olympus with current Panasonic cameras.

For the current versions Mirrorless Comparisons ranks the mirrorless for wildlife/BIF below, however, I suspect that there would not be a great deal of difference for the experienced wildlife photographer.

1. E-M1.2

2. Sony G9

3. Fuji X-H1

4. Sony a6300/a6500

5. Panasonic G9

That's an interesting ranking.

I currently use a Sony a6500.  I agree its focussing is quite good.  But the fact there is no native APSC glass longer than a slow, mediocre c.200mm zoom is an annoyance.  I've grown tired of lugging around a FF chunk of glass.

Shooting long is a minority of my use cases, but 1/5th of my photo days are bird-chasing adventures, so having a good tool for that is important.

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