Newer Bridge Cameras VS Older DSLR, Better (Image Quality)??

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Re: Newer Bridge Cameras VS Older DSLR, Better (Image Quality)??

Very good point. Not only were the sensors and other supporting technology new, so were users, in general, to digital photography 10-15 years ago.

That said, my small Powershot A710is took some stunning photos, including one I had professionally blown up to 24 X 18 or something like that. My next purchase, some seven years later, was a Fuji HS20 EXR with a true 26 power lens. While its colour rendering, handiness, and fine lens were astounding, not to mention its fixed lens with all that zoom being highly utile, I soon learned I had to programme the sensor to be binned in order to avoid that 'paint-by-number' effect. So, instead of that spiffy 16 mp, I was now down to only 8, essentially the same as my Powershot.

This problem, the small sensor problem, will always plague the super-zoom/bridge type of camera unless some good firmware or software can bring the small sensor up to a reasonable parity with the astounding ones, the costly ones, that come in the bulky DSLRs. Speaking of bulky, the new Nikon P1000 is 'yuuuuge!!!'

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