Handheld flash for club photography with a GH5 ?

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Handheld flash for club photography with a GH5 ?

Hey guys!

Total noob with flash photography here, never used one in my life, but I'm probably gonna need one because come this September I'm gonna start to do some club photography. And when I say "club", I actually mean "really dark dive bars with people wearing black clothes all the time".

I plan on using "natural" light as much as possible because I love the ambiance in the various bars I'm gonna shoot, but I know by experience that I'm gonna need a bit more light for some shots.

And that's where my lack of experience betrays me, I'm not sure which would be the best system to use.

My first thought would be to simply slap a TTL flash on my GH5 and be done with it. But I see a couple of issues with that solution :

1) Where I'm gonna shoot the walls, ceiling, floor are always black, even the doors are painted black, so bouncing the flash will probably be useless. Direct flash kinda scares me a little bit, but maybe that's just my lack of experience .

2) I'm afraid the pictures might end up too bright. Even though I want to use a flash, the goal is to keep the dark ambiance of the place, not necessarily make it a perfectly exposed picture. Again, no experience with flash, so I have no idea how flexible the settings can be.

3) Light always coming from the camera sounds a bit boring to me. Since it will be my first experiences with flash, I'd rather have a bit more freedom to experiment with it.

Maybe I'm wrong about all those points, so please correct me if that's the case. However I think using a handheld flash might solve those issues? I would have much more flexibility in the direction and strength and diffusion of the light, along with a lot of creative freedom if I want to try some (probably stupid) stuff.

Am I right with that assumption? If so, do you guys have a system to recommend me?

Panasonic GH5
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