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I just to point out that "bokeh" is being used with two different meanings on this thread and that may be causing confusion.

The "correct" meaning of the word "bokeh" is that it refers to the aesthetic quality of the out of focus areas of the image.  So you can have beautiful, smooth bokeh or you can have nasty, rough bokeh.  However, you can't have "a lot of bokeh".  Using this meaning, bokeh is a function of the lens design.

However, in recent years a different meaning has come into common usage and "bokeh" is often used to mean the amount of background blurring in the image, not the quality of the blurred areas.  Using this meaning, bokeh is determined by factors like the sensor size, the aperture setting, the focal length of the lens, subject distance and the distance from the subject to the background.

Both meanings are being used on this thread.

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