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Prime or zoom


Following your recommendations I bought the HSA12035 (the 12-35mm 2.8 panasonic v2). Thank you very much for that.

I intend to use the lens for making videos of my kids, especially indoors. The rest of the time would be portraits, and ocasional landscapes.

I already had the 42.5mm f1.7 panasonic.

However after a few shots with the new zoom lens, I;m a bit disappointed by the boekeh, it's far from the 42.5 f1.7. I tried at 35mm with 2.8 and I can still see the background very clear... and this even with a relative far background (2m).

The only time I managed to get the shallow DOF with the 12-35 it was at 35mm with the subject 1m from the camera (thus quite close) and the background far (3-4m).

I'm thinking of returning the zoom lens (800$), and getting a prime, the 15mm f1.7 (around 547$) and keeping my 42.5mm f1.7

My questions are:

1) could I do portraits with the 15mm f1.7 with a nice boekeh? I guess so, I would just need to come closer to the subject than with my 42.5mm

2) Besides the obvious disadvantage of switching lenses (between 15mm and 42.5) is there something else that I would be loosing by having these two prime lenses instead of the zoom one?

3) For videos I will not be able to zoom in, out during the video, however in your experience how often is that needed?

I would need to make-up my mind pretty fast, to be able to return the lens.

Thank you

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