Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR, I am leaning toward returning it.

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Re: Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 24-70mm f/2.8E ED VR, I am leaning toward returning it.

MattiD80 wrote:

You love to shoot landscape? Don't return it. Period. You mostly love to shoot portait? Get the G version. You want light weight? only primes dill do this, for you or 24-120mm but it is not up to d850 levels.

The D850 requires good glass, and for zooms that's even more the case. Anything other then the VR, unless you permanently shoot portraits is a wrong choice imo.

Why i love the 24-70mm F2.8E Vr:

Lovely colours

Is best where i use it most: 24mm and distance.

VR is very good and reliable.

Autofocus is incredible fast en reliable.

Balance is great. If you hold it by one hand hear the body, both the body and the lens are horizontal flat, it isn't front or back heavy. That is much easier to carry (firm full hand grip) then carrying a 300 gram prime (like 20mm), by the grip all the time.

I got a very good backpack recently wich finally takes the weight away from shoulders to hips. Best investment ever. 10kg means nothing now. I put the lens away when to heavy and not taking pictures.

Best lens hood design i had in a long while. Doesnt move while zooming, incredible stury, protects the lens like no other.

Corner are sharp! Knowhing that most zooms have bad spots in this area, and knowing the 24-70mm VR doesnt, my landscape images have way lower disturbing softness. Imo the tradeoffs in this lens are the best amoung 24-70's.

Bokeh is quite good for a zoom.

Relatively low field curvature (a pain to get everything in focus with, if it has loads like the old G at 24mm).

At 70mm it's a bit weaker but not terrible. For me that's the good compromise.

Sending it back? no, unless you got a bad copy just be happy and shoot it. If this lens cannot get you picture, no longer in the world can imo. It's the best allround lens for nikon imo, with highly reliable features (VR, autofocus). See my post history for long post of where the lens performace good, and where a little weaker.

PS I use it on D810, can only be better on d850.

Thank Matti, your comment was very helpful. Can you tell me, what is the sweet spot of this lens?  I think, I may have a dud and need to exchange it.

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