Leaving Fuji X but Happy I made the Stop.

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Leaving Fuji X but Happy I made the Stop.

I still remember looking at the first sample images of the Fuji X, taken on an X-Pro 1 and thinking they looked identical to the ones taken on my 5DMKII. Went for an X-Pro 1 and while there were things about it that I was less than happy with the IQ was not one of them. When the X-T1 was released the much better viewfinder had me change immediately. Grew a lens collection of Fuji and Minolta manual focus glass. Some very nice, especially the Minolta made for Leica ones.

Age and advancing arthritis made travel photography more and more difficult with an ILC. Then you just start to guess which lens you will need for the days ground excursion and leave the rest on the ship (we cruise mostly). Then you start to try compacts with 1" sensors like the Panny ZX100, Sony RX100 M3, them M4 but they are either duds or too range limited. Then you try cel-tography, perhaps with the Fuji and the 55-200 for ship to shore. It's all just compromises, some more attractive than others and of course Adobe Lightroom never really getting their arms around Fuji raw was not a plus, and for some early heresy, Fuji glass .. at least the 18-55 and 55-200 while quite good just aren't all that when compared to good Canon glass, where I came from. .. ot to mention the 18 being limiting for travel shoots.

So here we are, I'm retired (wife too), love to travel and don't want to carry much gear, and not totally satisfied with cel-tography, nor the 55-200's reach for ship to shore and certainly don't want to carry more gear or buy another longer Fuji lens. Not to mention Adobe LR raw conversions.

Well... I happened to look at the samples gallery of the RX100 m6, just released in the US, yesterday, a 24-200 in your pocket. Please, no flames, I think for my 70+ year old arthritic carcass it may be the ultimate day excursion camera. I got to looking at other things, including the 24-600 (heresy) bridge RX10 m4, and got to further wondering if that is not a better ship to shore than what I have been packing for tha, an t X-T20 + 55-200? Look at that sample gallery and judge for yourself.

OK, Fuji.... you listening? My generation doesn't want to haul a bag of glass on 4, 6 and longer hour ground excursions. They are going to cells, I see that year by year, and what fits in your pocket, and what you (Fuji) have that fits in your pocket is no longer competitive. I look at sample raws done in Sony's software which has organization and features that look more advanced than my last LR (6.14) and view the output... stunning raw detail without touching a slider. I even did a group of tests, downloaded the RX100 m6 test jpegs and raw. Used the Sony freeware to convert raws to both Adobe RGB and sRGB and imported all of it and the SOOC jpegs to LR for comparison. Much better sharpness than anything LR can do with Fuji raw, sorry to say and there is no issue with the color rendition.. Fuji, I love ya, love the continuous updates, love your color accuracy., well after correction anyway........ but it's time to go, at least for me.

Fuji, I'm not flaming you so members don't flame me please. I just want the best IQ I can get on ground trips and ship to shore with the lightest gear I can pack and use, and don't want to walk with a bag of glass, or pack a bag of glass anymore. Remember, getting old and arthritic was not a choice I made.

All comments welcome, civility a plus.

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