Images from my recently acquired GR2

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Images from my recently acquired GR2

I am not a street photographer.
I am way too timid and scared to be that.
I don't even like to use a zoom lens from a safe distance.
I don't like the images I take on the streets as they constantly remind me of my shyness and my lack of courage. Overly sensitive? Maybe, yes. No. Definitely so.
I wish I had the guts like Bruce Gilden, but I rather be nice while doing so.
I wish I could have a clear idea of what I'm doing and more importantly why I am doing what I'm doing.
I am selling off my X-H1 Fuji due to the unsurmountable pressure to handle such a 'pro-grade' (Yuk. That words sends a shiver down my spine) camera body, that is almost bigger than my head. I love the images coming out of it, but the handling makes me feel like an infant child trying to steer a 10 ton manual truck.

I'm trying to get back into the photography spiel, but this time around I no longer wish to just wander around mindlessly and lost as I used to do back in the days.

This time, I want to know why and what for. I want to create projects that have a clear goal, a vision and something with quint essence.

Anyways. My GR2 (I had a GR a while back and sold it without knowing what I'm losing) came to me couple days back and after having it for a few days, I am pretty certain that this camera is more forgiving than any other camera, but also acts like a tough love mentor who tells me to get close. Get close!!! Why are you standing around like a tree! Move forward! Do it!

Here are a few images from the last two days. As you will see, I am still lost and mindless.
I would be interested in how you approach a photography project. What is important to you? What are your guidelines?
Have a lovely day.

Fujifilm X-H1 Ricoh GR II
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