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SoupOrPhoto wrote:

UPDATE: I got a detailed response from the developer of Technical Camera (within 12 hours).

RAW FILES: The iPhone 6 cannot give RAW files--what I was expecting. Only iPhone 6+ and more recent are able to do this. Carmera+ is happy to give me large TIFF files but they are upsampled from the iPhone's 4:2:0 subsampled color planes. On the iPhone 6, they just make the files larger, not better (possibly worse if the upsampling is not done well). I'm not sure if all the iPhones use 4:2:0 or just the iPhone 6--I asked the developer.

JPG QUALITY: Here is something interesting. The Technical Camera app has its own JPG engine which is supposed to be better than Apple's, potentially leading to better quality JPG results (for all iPhones). I'm going to be testing it out (informally) to see if I can see a difference.

So far, I'm very happy with Technical Camera. Most of my iPhone photos are reminders, notes, or reference and it will save a lot of memory to take these at a lower quality--and easily save them to their own folder. Worth the $9.99 (USD).

I doubt it matters if it is a 6 or 6 Plus. You will need IOS 10 minimum and 6s or 6s Plus and above to use RAW with your camera.

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