rx100m6 in the house!

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rx100m6 in the house!

used up a battery going through the menu system and getting the low-hanging fruit settings out of the way. only taken 4 stills and a short 4k30p hlg video so far, but there don't seem to be any flies on the lens and the stabilization--both seem excellent. i thought i was going to get away with using the wide area focus, but the two distance shots focused on the brush in-between me and the subject.

here's some bullet points i've noticed so far:

* as always, us left-eyed folks are left out of the viewfinder party as i have to smash my nose into the lcd in order to try to see all of it. which means i had to disable the touch function, but i knew all that coming in.

* it's overcast outside and the lcd was invisible until i dipped into the menu and turned the 'sunny' mode on. i'll have to set a mymenu item for monitor i can see.

* i plan to shoot in hlg for video, but am i going to have to turn the picture profile off each time i want to shoot stills? that's not going to be good at all, not at all.

* setting up the networking hasn't improved and i doubt i'll be able to use the app it's so flaky, but i was able to connect to my router and my tv. but then i discovered that one of my two main buying points for this camera doesn't work--i can't stream video over wifi to the tv, only stills. that's a huge bummer.

* the short video clip i shot in hlg came out in clown colors on vimeo and not bad on youtube. but i can't get either site to tell me whether they received it as hlg or not.

* my whatfoto metal grip works, but because of the increased thickness, is at sort of a slant on the bottom. i have the jb grip coming and i'll probably use it.

* i wish the shutter button had more of a detent--you can't tell when you've half-pressed unless you see something lock on the screen. the speaker isn't near loud enough.

* is there any way to set the shutter button to start a video when you're in the video mode? the /movie/ button is a real pain.

* the control ring might as well be a decoration as it's too awkward to use--it's too close to the body to get a grip on although you can nudge it with your shutter finger. i was planning on using it for exp comp, but i've re-mapped the flash (right arrow) for that. it's a two-step process using the arrow instead of the control ring, but is much easier to access.

the headlines are that everything was pretty much as expected since i'd owned two or three previous iterations. i was very disappointed that i couldn't stream video over wifi, but i think the lens and the stabilization are better than the previous models i had.

will take it out on my evening walk to give it the maiden voyage. here's the links to the short video clip i shot if anyone's interested. hand held inside. i know @mark will want to check it out.



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