Olympus MFT camera versus 1910 camera at Humansville station

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Olympus MFT camera versus 1910 camera at Humansville station

When President Taft visited Humansville in 1910, a crowd of local folks turned out to see him at the Humansville station.

I can identify my Great Grandfather and Great Grandmother, and all three of their grown children, from this photo. The station is long gone, but the foundation for the water tank remains, and I'm headed down to Humansville near this weekend, and I can stand about where that photo was taken.

Will my modern Olympus MFT camera with it's sharpest lens, my Oly 45mm, equal the sharpness of lenses in 1910?

I'd appreciate some help. and suggestions, to make a fair comparison.

How many feet do you think the photographer stood away from the station?

My widest lens, is the Oly 12-50.

I think my sharpest lens is my Oly 45mm f1.8. I also have a Panny 14mm f2.5 and 25mm f1.7, an Oly 14-42mm, and an Oly 40-150mm. And I have a bunch of old Nikon and Canon film lenses with adapters.

Humansville Station 1910

The original is with the Missouri State Archives, and is even clearer on Flicker.


I'm glad my grandfather got off the tracks, before the Presidential train ran over him.

His brother was only a little less bold.

Their sister was standing by a friend who wore a hat

My Great Grandfather is the center of the frame, looking right at the man that he may have hired to take the photo.

And my Great Grandmother was the cleverest of them all, for being closest to where Taft would speak, and she might have somehow talked him into stopping.

An old man told me, he saw Taft at Humansville in 1910, when he was five.

I'll bet he's sitting by his sister on the steps.

I don't think there's any way, I can match that photograph for sharpness.

But I'm mighty proud of my family, for being there, dressed up to see the President, and posing for the camera.

I can have a friend stand on the foundation of the water tank.

But how far, should I stand away from him?

Any help, would be much appreciated.

Oh, and I'll look for my Great Grandmother's Brownie.

I think she was holding it.

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Humansville is a town in the Missouri Ozarks

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